Let the kids play baseball!

Pennridge Little League

Welcome to Pennridge Little League Youth Baseball

Pennridge Little League Youth Baseball  is committed to providing a fun and instructional baseball league to all kids aged 4-16 years old.

Pennridge is home to over 650 little league players and provides Intramural baseball programs in the spring and fall, tournament and travel play during the spring and summer, and winter workouts to provide off-season training.

Please feel free to use our Feedback Form (under the "About Us" tab above) to provide questions, concerns or suggestions.

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Pennridge Little League Board


Pennridge Little League Officers

President: David Reiss

Vice President: John Costa

Secretary: Frank Sica

Treasurer: Deborah Dando

Spring Player Agents

Tee-Ball: Greg Wimmer

Machine Pitch: Greg Wimmer

Minors: Derek Dimmick

AAA: Frank Sica

Majors: Jeff Borneman

Juniors/Seniors: Joe Suder, Steve Navitsky


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