Let the kids play baseball!

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League Rules and Procedures

1.   No gum chewing, smoking, chewing tobacco, or eating on bench or on field.

2.   All team players must remain on the bench when not on base or batting. Only team members, manager, assistant, and scorekeeper may be on bench. No spectators are allowed in the playing area at any time.

3.   No more than two players are allowed out of the playing area at any time.

4.   A game can only be determined by the umpire.

5.   All players must wear helmet when batting, coaching, or running the bases.

6.   No players or spectators are allowed to stand behind the back stop during the game.

7.   Throwing, kicking, or other misuse of league equipment means automatic ejection from game, either by manager or umpire.

8.   Team manager has the right to discipline player if cause justifies by removing him/her from the game or not playing him/her at all, regardless of whether he/she has played the mandatory playing time or not. The opposing manager must be notified of the benching before it occurs. The Board of Directors must be notified of any action taken.

9.   No profanity by players or managers.

10. Due to insurance, all boys catching must wear a hard cup supporter.

11. Rain outs shall follow the rain out procedure.

12. Winning team is responsible for score sheet. Drop off finished scoresheet at the News Herald, 673 E. Broad St., Souderton or FAX News Herald: 215-723-8779.

13. Home team bench is always on the first base side.

14. Uniforms and dress of players, managers, and coaches are to be in order and appropriate for conditions at all times. T-Ball players must wear long pants.

15. All players and managers will conduct themselves in a proper manner.

16. No harassing of opposing team players.

17. Each manager must exchange his/her lineup with other manager prior to the start of the game. Please use first and last names, as well as positions in the lineup. This helps in writing articles for the newspaper. Also, include the pitchers used during the week.as well as how many innings they have pitched.

18. The pitching week starts on Monday and ends on Sat.

19. Any manager/coach/player/umpire who acts in a manner detrimental to the league, or to general sportsmanship, may lose the privilege of further participation in his/her capacity.

20. All coaches and Volunteers must fill out a background check and a Volunteer Application.