Let the kids play baseball!

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Junior & Senior League Rules
1.        All teams must have eight players to start the game, as in accordance with the official Little League rules.
2.        Every player must play defensively three innings and have at least one at bat.
3.        Throughout the season, each pitcher will be given one warning after a balk has been called.
4.        If a catcher is a base runner with two outs, he may be replaced as a base runner by a non-participating player immediately. If the roster for a team has nine or less players, the player making the last out     shall replace the catcher.
5.        Ten run rule: if after five innings (four and one half innings if the home team is ahead) one team has a lead of ten runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent.

6.        A player pool substitute must play a minimum of three consecutive innings and have at least one at bat. A player pool is available for those teams which are able to furnish only eight (or less) players for a game.