Let the kids play baseball!

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Tiebreaking Rules

Tiebreaking games will begin after the final season game has been played and a complete day off.

1.   Should two teams tie for a playoff position in the final regular season, they shall play one game. A coin toss shall determine home team.

2.   Should three teams tie for a playoff position in the final regular season, they shall compete in a three-way playoff series. A Little League Board member shall meet with the three coaches and have three sheets of paper with a single letter written on each sheet. These letters will read A, B and C. The coaches will choose one sheet each, and according to the following schedule, each team will play the other two teams.
        First day:    A at B
        Second day: B at C
        Third day:    C at A
Any team winning both games is awarded the highest position with the 1-1 team placed in the second highest standing, and the 0-2 team receiving the lowest position.

3. Should all three teams finish 1-1 in this series, then the following formula will be used, step by step, as a tiebreaker:

    1.   Overall runs allowed in the two game series. If a team wins 5-3 and loses 8-4 in the series, that team has allowed 11 runs in their two game series.
    2.   Run differential between opponents in the two game series (i.e. if a team wins 4-1 (+3 differential) and loses the second game 3-2 (-1 differential), their run differential for the series is a +2.
    3.   Coin flip.