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Pennridge Little Proudly Dedicates This Page to All of Our Championship Teams

14U Junior Division, State Champions, 2011

From Left back: Mgr. Dave Tatoian, David Tatoian, Tommy Nuneviller, John Darlak, Caleb Hand, Tyler Gotwals, Austin Rodenberger, Riley Hager, Pres. Joe Suder, Coach Tom Long. Front Left: Austin Rush, Sam Suder, Austin Hoover, Danny Long, Coach Marc Hoover

10U Division, District 20 Champions, 2011

14U Junior Division, District 20 Champions, 2010

    From Left Rear Row: Coach Joe Suder, Caleb Hand, Tom Nuneviller, Coach Dave Tatoian, Dave Tatoian, Coach Jeff Roedell, Taz Zaskoda, Ted Tozzi, Tyler Gotwals, Dan Losinger, Manager Kevin Stewart
From Left Front Row: Shane Stewart, Sam Suder, DJ Bryan, Dante Terrell, Austin Hoover, Jeff Roedell, Coach Jeff Zaskoda (not pictured)

12U Major Division, District 20 Champions, 2010
Left to right First Row: Manager Blair Rush, Jason Souder
Left to right Second Row: Jonathan Darlak, Andrew Horne, Austin Smenda, Sean Heywood, Austin Rush, Riley Hager, Mark Weichel, Danny Long, Zach Roberts
Left to right Third Row: Coach Mark Horne, Josh McCreary, Max Wagner, Coach Mike Wagner, Coach Tom Long

11U District 20 Champions, 2011

From Left Rear Row: Michael Simpson, Head Coach Mark Roland, Andrew Walters, Asst Coach Tom Forscht, Brendan Knouse and Asst Coach Keith Wright
From Left Front Row: David Forscht, Drew Nace, Kevin Roland, Jake Gendek, Nick McDonnell, Nate Richard, Justin Manuola, Tyler Wright


2012 ITL Champions

Pictured in back row from left to right:  Coach Paul Demusz, Jeff Roedell, Luke Demusz, Shane Riggs, Taz Zaskoda, Chris Adams
Pictured in front row from left to right:  Coach Joe Suder, Caleb Hand, Dan Losinger, DJ Bryan, Karl Brill, Austin Hoover, Sam Suder, Will O'Shea, Coach Mike Suder, Coach Kevin Freed
(Note: Not pictured: Team Manager Dave Tatoian and player David Tatoian)

2012 10-11U District 20 Champions

Mark Boyle, Bryce Dickey, Cade Dubree, Luke Faucette, Jared Forscht, Ryan Hirsch, Ryan Lerro, Aidan Link, Gavin McKelvey, Jimmy Petrik, Satyam Patel, Jason Dickey (manager), Kurt Dubree (asst coach), Craig Link (asst coach), Mike Lerro (asst coach)  

2012 16U Section 6 Champions, 2nd Place PA States

Kneeling, Coach Joe Suder, From Left to Right: Manager Dave Tatoian, David Tatoian, Jeff Roedell, Tom Nuneviller, Caleb Hand, Tyler Gotwals, Austin Rodenberger, Taz Zaskoda, Sam Suder, Riley Hager, Austin Hoover, Dan Long, Dan Losinger, Coach Tom Long, Coach Marc Hoover, Coach John Hand (not pictured - Luke Gotwals)