Let the kids play baseball!

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From Left Rear Row: Coach Joe Suder, Caleb Hand, Tom Nuneviller, Coach Dave Tatoian, Dave Tatoian,
Coach Jeff Roedell, Taz Zaskoda, Ted Tozzi, Tyler Gotwals, Dan Losinger, Manager Kevin Stewart
From Left Front Row: Shane Stewart, Sam Suder, DJ Bryan, Dante Terrell, Austin Hoover, Jeff Roedell,
Coach Jeff Zaskoda (not pictured)


Left to right First Row: Manager Blair Rush, Jason Souder
Left to right Second Row: Jonathan Darlak, Andrew Horne, Austin Smenda,
Sean Heywood, Austin Rush, Riley Hager, Mark Weichel, Danny Long, Zach Roberts
Left to right Third Row: Coach Mark Horne, Josh McCreary, Max Wagner,
Coach Mike Wagner, Coach Tom Long